Franz - Hyperdrive Sci-fi & Fantasy Film Festival
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12 Jul Franz

Franz is a fantasy short film that starts with a strange occurrence: A girl, Luana, wakes up in the middle of the night and finds an insect-like creature sitting next to her bed.

The creature is called Franz and he is not in Luana’s room by chance. Luana tries to escape, but the only door she finds will bring her on an unexpected journey to a place that she had long forgotten.

Helena Bonastre

Sélène Millo
Walter Cots
Bianca Millo

Pedro Brum, Helena Bonastre

Creative Producer
Aernout Verhallen

Director of Photography
Francisco de Sousa

First Assistant Camera
Iván Iglesias

First Assistant Director
Andrea R. Armada

Sound Operators
Miguel Navarro
Daniel Sánchez

Art Direction
Joel Roure
Marta González

Costume Design
Ninive Rodríguez

Mask Sculptor
David Abrodos

Ainara Torres

Trailer Editor
Jorge Sales Tarres

Sound Mixers
Miguel Navarro
Daniel Sánchez

Music Composer
Mariona Casanovas

Executive Producers
Ricard Bonastre
Nínive Rodríguez
Peter Verhallen
Sylvia Verhallen