Seize the Night - Hyperdrive Sci-fi & Fantasy Film Festival
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02 Sep Seize the Night

SEIZE THE NIGHT is a high octane horror/sci-fi thrill ride from independent British filmmaker Emma Dark.

After escaping from a secret government bio-research compound renegade vampire assassin Eva (Emma Dark) is hell bent on revenge. Receiving a tip off from the mysterious Dante (Anthony Ilott, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort) she meets with arms dealer Joe (Paul Ewen, Cockneys vs Zombies) who informs her that an enemy is hot on her tail. Eva hunts the hunter and encounters a team of werewolves, led by pack alpha Tobias (Carey Thring, From Hell). During their confrontation Eva learns a terrible secret and is forced into a situation of such gravity she may have to join forces with the devil she knows in order to fight the greatest of all evils.

Emma Dark (Island of the Blind Dead (2015))

Emma Dark (Island of the Blind Dead (2015))
Richard Humphries
Merlyn Roberts (Island of the Blind Dead (2015), Serurta (filming))

Emma Dark (Island of the Blind Dead (2015))

Key Cast
Emma Dark (Island of the Blind Dead (2015), Every Time I See You I Go Wild (2013))
Carey Thring (From Hell (2001), Journey 17 (2014), Audition (2013))
Anthony Ilott (Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014))
Paul Ewen (Cockneys vs Zombies (2012), The Vampires of Bloody Island (2009))
Mark Sears (Essex Boys: Law of Survival (2015), Freeman: New World Order (2014))
Chris Hampshire
Sharon O’Brien-Lumley
Merlyn Roberts
Laurence Joseph
Joel Brown
Beric Read

AJ Singh
Donato Cinicolo

Roy Scammell (Alien (1979), A Clockwork Orange (1971), Doctor Who (1963–1989), Superman (1978), Midnight Express (1978), The Italian Job (1969) + six James Bond films)